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iLab 3: LAN Modeling Below is the result for the a company WAN which is located on the East Coast. This Simulation shows the FTP traffic on two different network from which one is with back load and other is no back load on network. WAN network is spread out through various states like, Washington D.C, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Newyork and Boston from which Washington D.C is the main office where all the network are connected and servers are placed in a networl which consist of switch and router. Well first of all, other traffic on the network could cause FTP transfers to slow down. This could be resolved by implementing QoS at the router or switch to give FTP traffic a higher priority. If bandwidth is the issue due to other traffic on the network, any method of file transfer would be affected. Other than increasing the amount of bandwidth, a QoS implementation would solve this problem for any method of file transfer.... View Full Document

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