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History 111-048/049: The United States to 1865 Final Exam Study Guide Prof. Kralj, Lake Shore Campus Spring 2010 The final exam is scheduled for Monday, May 3 or Monday, May 10. The first half of the final (10%) is the same format as the midterm exam, which is a short answer identification exam. You will be given a list of 8 to 10 terms of which you will choose 5 terms to answer. You must properly identify the term by explaining who or what it is, where and when it took place, and finally, why it is important. The why should contain your personal analysis and critical assessment of the term you are asked to identify. The terms listed below are discussed in detail in Foners Give Me Liberty chapters 8 through 14.The final exam is worth 20% of your overall grade. Judith Sargent Murray Whiskey Rebellion Jay Treaty XYZ Affair Alien & Sedition Acts Gabriels Rebellion Tecumseh & the Prophet Samuel Slater Cotton Gin Erie Canal Robert Fulton Ralph Waldo Emerson Orestes Brown The Laboring Classes Second Great Awakening American System Missouri Compromise McCulloch v. Maryland Monroe Doctrine Indian Removal Act Proslavery Argument Nat Turners Rebellion The Liberator Uncle Toms Cabin Frederick Douglas King Cotton New Harmony William Lloyd Garrison Anti-Slavery Society Shakers Temperance Movement Liberty Party Stephen F. Austin Battle of the Alamo Manifest Destiny Compromise of 1850 The Dred Scott Case Fugitive Slave Act Kansas-Nebraska Act Charles Sumner & Preston Brooks Lecompton Constitution Jefferson Davis Battle of Bull Run Homestead Act Emancipation Proclamation Battle of Antietam Gettysburg Address ... View Full Document

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