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MGT420 Individual Theory Matrix Theorist: Major Concepts Process of Theory Proposed Process-Driven Quality Requirements Customer-Driven Quality Requirements Company Example That Has Applied This Theory Deming To reduce cost of production while at the same time increases the value and quality of a product, Deming said that following some methods and processes would be a big help. Management strategy can be represented with a 14 point plan that has all the basics needed by every organization to succeed. Consistent and unified purpose is one of the key to achieve smooth production of service and proper dissemination of tools and processes along the whole labor force helps hit the set goals. Identify things that affects market sales especially the customers perception about the product through reviews and open communication with customers and clients. Ford Motor Company, Microsoft Juran If there is no quality management within a company, the result could be devastating according to Juran. according to Juran.... View Full Document

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