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202 QUIZ THEO 5 STUDY GUIDE Towns: pp. 660708 What is the major characteristic of the Episcopal form of church government? A single leader, or bishop, is the over-arching final authority in the church Why should this form of church government be rejected? The New Testament seems to support have the congregants make the final decisions. What is the major characteristic of the Representative form of church government? Final authority rests in elected elders. Why should this form of church government be rejected? This still doesnt let the N.T. form of the congregants have the final say. By what principle is the Congregational form of church government based? The ultimate human authority should be in the congregation. Understand that as a solution, the New Testament seems to reflect aspects of all three of the above stated forms of church government. In what ways is this so? The N.T. shows examples of bishops, elders, and congregational leadership Know the reasons listed in the textbook why the church can be described as independent and indigenous. Christ is in every believer Word of God is the authority for doctrine and practice N.T. holds individual believers responsible for correct doctrine and purity of life Churches of N.T. were independent Analogies in the N.T. reflect an independent church Know the reasons listed in the textbook why local churches should be in fellowship and cooperation with one another. To meet the goals of the church For growth in Gods work To reflect the unity that Christ prayed for and Paul commanded Cooperation for recognition of leaders Loyalty in times of trial and persecution To increase the vision of all Christians For the sake of identification Is the word or the concept of a denomination found in the New Testament? No In regards to organizational authority in the local church, can it be said that democratic vote is always the best means to decision-making? No What are the four conditions stated to receive a person into church membership? of Profession Faith Page 1 of 3 THEO 202 Water Baptism Doctrinal Fellowship Moral Standards What should be the doctrinal knowledge of a candidate for church membership? Authority of Scripture, eity of Christ, and deat and resurrection of Christ. To what does water baptism identify the believer? To the church body. Why is this important in reference to church membership? Be a member of the body of Christ before the church body What is the measuring line for determining if a particular sin should exclude a prospective member from being accepted into church membership? Living in open immorality Does the Bible exclusively teach a plurality of elders? Yes Are there biblical examples where the terms elder and bishop are used interchangeably? Note that the descriptive title of shepherd denotes the pastors role in leading the church, feeding the church, and tending the church. According to Strong, what is ordination as applied to pastors? What is the basic definition of deacon as the term is found in the New Testament? Be familiar with the duties of a deacon as listed in the textbook. Be familiar with the qualifications of bishops and deacons as listed in the textbook. What is the definition of the Greek word from which we get our English word baptism? How does the symbolism of baptism demand the mode of immersion? Be familiar with the arguments against understanding water baptism as sprinkling. According to the textbook, does a person have to be baptized for salvation? According to the textbook, baptism is a testimony to whom? Be familiar with some of the listed reasons why (and how) the Lords Table (Lords Supper, Communion) is such an abused and misinterpreted aspect of doctrine. Page 2 of 3 THEO 202 What outward symbols does the Lords Supper communicate? (A list is provided in the textbook.) Is the Lords Table for believers only, or can the seeking lost also participate? Be able to differentiate between open communion and closed communion. Page 3 of 3 ... View Full Document

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