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Corporate Political Strategy in Action Governer blogovitch, senator harry reid, (they have a big deal of power becuas ethey effect rose associoate)s, lobbying firms, pubilc in general, citizens of the state of NJ, people who donated to campain, campain finance regulations 1.Role of lobbyist is to voice the interest of their clinets to helps decisions. Implementation- Lobbying regulatory agencies . This this stage the wording of law is important agencies have comments that are sent in then from them they do an edited set of regulation,. Lobbiest are in contact with these agancies Red arrows is wheere most of the lobbying takes place Influence Access- how can you get access to pubilic policy officials Legilative- Senators and you are very interested in staff because they can provide you access to the actual public policy makers Executive- regualatory acgencies, you are interested in white house and agencies Information sharing get an information pool, information this has on us as a company, Campaign Donations- very important in terms of access to pubilc policy officials Constituent Invlovement- Grass roots, help orgainze people who come to wash , they demonstrate the impat this law will have on them Activities undertaken by business firms to acquire, develop and use power to obtain an advantage in the public policy process... View Full Document

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