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1 3 Question out of 3 points Christian faith is best described as a blind leap. Answer Selected Answer: Question 2 3 out of 3 points When sharing the Gospel, it may be necessary to convert theological terms into simpler words. Answer Selected Answer: Question 3 3 out of 3 points The two major sects of Islam are the Sunni and the ____________ Answer Selected Answer: Shiites Question 4 3 out of 3 points What a Christian does is as important as what they say when it comes to sharing the goodness of God with others. Answer Selected Answer: Question 5 3 out of 3 points Gods Word is able to stand the test of any examination and scrutiny. Answer Selected Answer: Question 6 3 out of 3 points A godly person is someone who is willingly submissive to Gods ways. Answer Selected Answer: Question 7 3 out of 3 points Muslims do not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. Answer Selected Answer: Question 8 3 out of 3 points Sharing the gospel message requires a lot of details and therefore you should always allow at least 30 minutes. Answer Selected Answer: Question 9 3 out of 3 points Teaching or sharing biblical truth is beneficial to our spiritual lives Answer Selected Answer: Question 10 3 out of 3 points The term Islam means: Answer Selected Answer: Question 11 3 out of 3 points It is important for Christians to have friendships with fellow believers that they so can encourage each another. Answer Selected Answer: Question 12 3 out of 3 points A summary of the Islamic system of conversion is found in: Answer Selected Answer: Question 13 3 out of 3 points The God of the Bible worshipped by Christians, and the God of the Quran (Koran) worshipped by Muslims, is the same God. Answer Selected Answer: Question 14 3 out of 3 points As a person reads and studies the Bible they should ask: Answer Selected Answer: Question 15 3 out of 3 points _____________ ________ literally means to give a reason for our faith. Answer Selected Answer: Question 16 3 out of 3 points Christians should force a person to listen to their presentation of the gospel and not stop until they make a decision for Christ. Answer Selected Answer: Question 17 3 out of 3 points When sharing the Gospel Christians should take time to listen the person to better understand their life situation. Answer Selected Answer: Question 18 3 out of 3 points Islam was founded by: Answer Selected Answer: Question 19 3 out of 3 points When a Christian shares the gospel message with an individual, they may also consider including their own personal testimony of salvation in the presentation. Answer Selected Answer: Question 20 3 out of 3 points Muslims believe that the Bible was corrupted by Jews and Christians Answer Selected Answer: ... View Full Document

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