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CAREER PORTFOLIO Eric Johnson GM 548 April 19, 2012 Table of Contents Introduction . 3 Current Goals .. 4 DISC Survey Scores .. 5 AMA DISC Assignment . 6 SPR Scores .. 8 SPR Written assignment .. 9 Personal Resume .. 12 Work Experiences . 14 Professional Achievements 15 Interview Experiences .. 16 Conclusion .. 17 Introduction Michael Jordan once quoted, I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I cannot accept not trying. Ever since I read that quote Ive modeled my life after it. Here I present to you my career portfolio only my 3 rd year in my career. Perhaps 10 years from now I may look back on this and measure my goals or find out where I went wrong, but whatever the case may be the effort put forth to create this portfolio was priceless. My eyes were open up to so many new things. This portfolio will entail results from the AMA DISC and SPR surveys, a detailed resume, my work experience and professional achievements. It is with great pleasure that I hope you enjoy this portfolio. CURRENT GOALS Career Goals 1. To obtain my MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. 2. I wish to work in a midlevel position that opens doors for future endeavors. 3. To become an executive of an organization. 4. Taking and passing the C.P.A. Exam 5. Become an entrepreneur. Key Goals While At Keller 1. To network with classmates in order to build a net worth in the future. 2. To matriculate at a high level. 3. To graduate at a level of a minimum of cum laude. Obstacles 1. Time management balancing work, school, and personal life. 2. Obtaining a job- convincing an organization that Im the one for a particular position. 3. Working my way up- things may not fold out as soon as I planned they would. 4. Preparation- effort put towards preparing for the CPA Exam. 5. Financials- Being financially set to make investments such as an Accounting Firm. DISC SURVEY SCORES My results along all four styles are important for understanding how I approach my work and interact with others within my organization. My DISC results are presented here in terms of percentile scores, beginning with the style most descriptive of me and ending with the least descriptive style. My styles and percentiles are listed immediately below. DISC Styles Percentil es 1. C ontemplati ve 96 2. Di recting 77 3. Inf luencing 72 4. Su pportive 26 These percentile scores represent my results compared to those of others who recently completed the DISC Survey. For example, a percentile score of 96 means that I scored higher along the Contemplative style than 96% of the other respondents in the sampleand, in turn, indicates that the style is strongly descriptive of me. In contrast, a score of 26 means that I scored higher than only about 26% of the other respondents and, therefore, would ... View Full Document

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