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A ETH/125 Appendix Version 7 University of Phoenix Material Appendix A Part I Define the following terms found in Week One and Week Two readings: Term Definition Diversity the relation that holds between two entities when and only when they are not identical Ethnocentrism the tendency to assume that ones culture and way of life are superior to all others Melting pot diverse racial or ethnic groups or both, forming a new creation, a new cultural entity Minority group a subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their own lives than do the members of a dominant or majority group Emigration leaving a country to settle in another Immigration coming into a new country as a permanent resident Culture the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior of a particular nation or people Part II Answer each question in 250 to 350 words: 1. What are some of the ways groups of people are identified? There are many ways that people identify each other. Some of the ways groups of people are identified are culture, nationality, finances, appearance, ethnicity, and interests. In todays society people are still identified by race even though people will not admit to it very often. For someone like me, my culture and nationality arent shown as easily as others. Im a second generation Italian-American although its not as obvious as a second generation Mexican-American or a second generation Latin-American. This is because I dont look any different than other white people that I pass on the street. My finances may be noticeable and my appearance definitely is. If I had a thick accent like my Mother or Grandmother and someone heard me talk then they would know that my mother was an immigrant. An example of someone being identified by their race is the Trayvon Martin shooting. The person that shot him assumed that because he was black he was one of the people that had been breaking into houses in the neighborhood. He didnt hesitate to call the police and he didnt listen when to told go back to his vehicle. Instead, he pursued the teenager. More specific stereotypes are that low riding cars are driven by Mexicans, dark colored sedans with tinted windows are driven by African Americans, Mexicans 1 Appendix A ETH/125 Version 7 are poor, and white people who live in the country are hicks. There are so many stereotypes about different groups that contribute to the ways that groups of people are identified. 2. Why do people label and group other people? People label other people and other groups in order to give them a distinct identity in the society. Its because they want to feel better about themselves because most people have little confidence so they make people feel lower than them by giving them a bad name Labeling can give both and negative effects to the person that is being labeled. If it is a positive labeling, it may contribute in increasing one's or the groups self-confidence, hence, they become motivated and have a positive outlook in their respective lives. However, if its a negative labeling, this can affect the person's or the groups personality, their outlook in life and most of the time become introverts. Technically, due to negative labeling they become anti -social so as to escape from shame or from bullying. They want to feel better about themselves because most people have little confidence so they make people feel lower than them by giving them a bad name. Some people dont want to be different so theyre scared they take a back seat and label everyone they know anyway so that they remain alone with just the little bits they have they simply think that they want to be alone. It's easier for people to hate. Hatred is an easy emotion to call upon and a hard emotion to get rid of. Judging the group as a whole because an individual wronged you makes absolutely no sense. We are wronged by the people who look like us all the time and don't turn racist or ignorant, but when another race does it, all of a sudden it's alright to hate that race or group of people? 2 ... View Full Document

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