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Sociology 10/18/07 Social Functions of Deviance (positive) Defined: It helps a social system to function and change in a desired manner. It can help to clarify and define social norms. Can increase group solidarity (suggested by G.H. Mead): ie-inmates, criminal groups, terrorist groups, drug addicts group Can bring about needed change in a social system: ie-Civil Rights Movement Makes conformity seem more desirable: ie-cheating on income tax report, you will get rewarded if you dont; therefore conforming to the norms/laws is desired Social Dysfunctions of Deviance (negative) *If deviance is long-term and wide-spread it can have significant effects on society.* May weaken peoples motivation to conform.: ie-if someone who cheats/doesnt do work gets the same recognition as someone who does do work/not cheat Makes life unpredictable and dangerous. Social disorganization- breakdown of social institutions. What causes deviance? Why do people break laws? Explanations (theories or perspectives on deviance and crimes) 1. Biological biological traits 2. Psychological personality problems 3. Sociological social environment BIOLOGICAL.... View Full Document

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