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Running Head: CASE STUDY 2 Case Study 2 HINT 209 Susan Stowe Davenport University This weeks case study is to critique a sample survey based on the criteria discussed in the chapter. This survey is for patients who are at the hospital for short stay after the surgery. This survey fails to make an impression in first look. For example, the main heading is SSS Questionnaire I am not sure how many patients can understand that what does SSS stands for. Use of abbreviation for hospital survey is not a good idea and heading should be clearly written out as Short-Stay Surgery Survey. The word questionnaire can be confusing to patients and in order to make it easy to understand, the word survey should be used. It looks like survey is printed on a simple page, which is not appealing and it should be on printed on a colorful brochure which can attract patients attention. There are some confusing areas on the survey where format needs improvement. Survey should start with general to specific questions and demographic questions should be followed by ... View Full Document

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