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16:25 I. The Big Picture A shift of genres Confessions: formation of the self Accessible way Many people can relate too Anthanisus personality and journey to faith is orderly exposition to theological thoughts Meaning of God, Creation, etc. We can identify a distinct number of theological thoughts God and cosmology Trying to understand where creation comes from and what the structure of creation is Doctrine of salvation Loving God despite humans screwing everything up How does God to ensure that things turn out okay How does God solve the problem that humans created Context Ambiguity in the Bible & early church Widespread agreement and widespread disagreement about Jesus Agreement: Jesus Christ is supremely important What made Him unique: He had special and unique relationship with God such that He can redeem other human beings/restore broken relationship with God He wasnt located in the past but alive for early Christian community Source of joy and source of early Christians to relate to God and other Christians Disagreement: arises because questions about exact nature of Christs relationship with God Most important human being chosen by God/adopted by God so that God could carry out Gods saving plan OR was Jesus Christ God in the fuller sense Somebody who shares in the divine being All the properties of God Himself Reasons why questions arose was because of New Testament Colossians 1:15 = two viable interpretations Surely if somebody is image of God, surely they too is God Appropriately to say Jesus Christ is God OR image cannot mean same thing as God Firstborn means Jesus is fully human New Testament can support a variety of interpretations and precisely because of that, it was legitimate/understandable that early Christians disagreed about ultimate identity of Jesus Christ... View Full Document

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