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in Brawl Mickey's Backyard Case Study Brawl in Mickey's Backyard Case Study NAME INSTRUCTOR BUS 250 Corporate and Social Responsibility DATE 1 Brawl in Mickey's Backyard Case Study In life there can always be debates and arguments. Sometimes in a debate there can be a solution to any problem that occurs. We as people just shouldn't be one sided on any great debate. Just because I don't agree with something doesn't mean that there can't be a mutual agreement formed. In the "Brawl in Mickey's Backyard Case Study" there were employees who felt as if they weren't being treated fairly. Since I have personally lived in California I know personally that the cost of living is extremely high and it doesn't equal out. What I mean is if your being paid 9.00 per hour and your rent is 1400.00 a month and you work 40 hours a week that means before taxes you would make 1440.00. That means that you wouldn't have enough money to live for a full month unless you had a roommate. In a situation such as this one the market stakeholders are the Walt Disney Company in my opinion. I say the Walt Disney Company merely because Walt Disney wants to keep all of their land for the theme park and the tourist that travel to visit the theme park. This theme park is a major attraction to the people who live in Anaheim and the people who travel to the theme park. The theme park made 35 billion in 2007. In Anaheim, California the company operated the original Disneyland theme park, which included three hotels, the newer California Adventure, and the Downtown Disney shopping district. (Anne Lawrence and James Weber, 2011) The non-market stakeholders are Walt Disney's employees in my opinion. The employees of Walt Disney are forced to live in other cities in California because the cost of living in Anaheim is extremely too high for them to afford to live there. Is this fair? Not necessarily but when you apply for a job position I believe that you should work somewhere that will be most beneficial to you. 2 Brawl in Mickey's Backyard Case Study In today's society we are living in a recession. With that being said many people are forced to work in places that they don't quite want to. There are many people who had a career at one time or another and now they are subjected to minimum wage positions. I don't believe that this is fair or even ethical but sometimes in life we can't dictate why something is the way it is we just must learn to live through any trials or tribulations we are faced with. As far as Walt Disney is concerned I believe that they should provide discounted housing to all of their employees who aren't seasonal in my opinion. I say this because in Sandusky, Ohio there is a theme park which isn't as big as the Walt Disney Company and I worked for Cedar Point in 2004. During the time that I worked there which was only for a summer Cedar Point provided housing at a discounted price for all of there employees who needed housing. I believe that was a great incentive under the circumstances of being paid only 6.50 per hour and housing was 22.00 per week which was taken out of your check before you received it. If Walt Disney would compromise and give its employees housing you then wouldn't have a company like SunCal trying to build affordable housing. If Walt Disney built its own housing that was strictly for its employees and charged them a certain amount Walt Disney would continue to see profit which is what Walt Disney likes. Walt Disney could even build two apartment buildings that are only for employees and that would also save some of their land instead of building condos like SunCal proposed. If the employees have housing in Anaheim and if Walt Disney provides the housing everyone wins in my opinion. If the employees receive the housing they won't have to travel many hours to and from work. When you have to take many hours just by using transportation alone that can be very detrimental to the employees and their attitudes. I say this because when 3 Brawl in Mickey's Backyard Case Study living in California I had to use a bus and bart which is very similar to a subway train every day to go to and from work. That alone took 4 hours a day alone just to transport to and from work. That was a total of 20 hours per week not including the 30 hours I worked a week. If you don't have to use that type of time in commuting to and from work you'll have more hours to actually work which will help the business you are working for. If SunCal has to be the company to build the condos for the Walt Disney employees Walt Disney may even lose money. I say this because most people come to theme parks every year to see what new ride they have. If Walt Disney loses its case then Walt Disney won't have space to add any land left to add rides which in the long run will cause Disneyland to lose money. When a company starts to lose money the first thing they will have to do is budget cuts which will affect its employees since many employees will be laid off. Another alternative to the SunCal dispute versus Walt Disney is they both go in business together and still be able to provide housing for its employees. Instead of SunCal buying 26 acres of land Walt Disney could even agree that SunCal can build on 13 acres of land. Now by doing this SunCal would have to make some apartment complexes that way not so much space of the acres they have would be used in condos. Then Walt Disney would also have 13 acres of land to build more rides for the tourist that come to Disneyland. In my opinion all SunCal and Walt Disney need to do is compromise so that both companies will win and will be able to make money. I don't believe in only one person winning so if you're able to meet each person in the middle then no one will be in jeopardy of losing money or customers. This is a true fact in my opinion. With bring housing the employees of Walt Disney will also win instead of just working to have a place to live. To work to only have a place 4 Brawl in Mickey's Backyard Case Study to live is inhumane in my opinion. Everyone deserves to have nice things especially when they work. Many of us work to support ourselves and our families and it isn't fair nor is it right to not be allowed to have adequate housing. 5 Brawl in Mickey's Backyard Case Study Sources: Business and Society Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy 2011, A.Lawrence & J. Weber 6 ... View Full Document

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