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Appendix B HSM/220 Version 3 1 Associate Level Material Appendix B Budget Matrix You are the executive director of a local government workforce agency that focuses on developing training skills for high school dropouts. Determine which of the budget items listed would be necessary in order to calculate a functional, line-item, and program budget. Mark an X for each budget item that would be used in each budget type. Some budget items may be marked in more than one category. Budget items Functional budget to determine personnel costs per member enrolled Line-item budget to determine total non- salary costs Total program budget Executive director salary X X Training supervisor salary X X Trainers salary X X Employee benefits X X Equipment X X X Supplies X X X Facility rent X X X Travel X X X Utilities X X X Depreciation of equipment X X X Transportation X X X Outside consultants X Indirect costs X X X... View Full Document

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