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Unit 2 Individual Project HUMA205-1201A-11 Nicholas Wiggins American Intercontinental University Online 01/14/2012 Mary-Catherine Ferguson Abstract When we look at ancient art, there are many different types of artwork. There are numerous different places around the world where ancient art was created. Today, we can see some of the ancient art that was created by visiting museums around the world. In this particular paper, I compare and contrast two pieces of art from two different places and explain why they fall into a certain time period to be called ancient art. Individual Project 2 Horse Plaque (North China, 3 rd 1 st Century B.C.) The plaque in the shape of a horse was created long ago in Northern China between the 3 rd and 1 st B.C. It is a three dimensional plaque that is about three and one-eighth inches. The plaque is casted in silver with remnants of gilding on its surface. It is uncertain of the techniques used to create the horse but many ideas could be interpreted. This plaque symbolizes the used to create the horse but many ideas could be interpreted.... View Full Document

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