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Pacholski L24656078 Summer Amanda D PHIL 201 Discussion Board 5 August 10,2012 Discussion Board 5 The scenario in this week's discussion board on "To torture or not to torture?" gave me a bunch to think on. This is a major moral dilemma; is it morally appropriate to torture a terrorist's seven-year old daughter in order to get information that could possibly save thousands of Americans? My first reaction would be no, it is not morally right; but is it really ethically right to risk the lives of thousands Americans? According to Holmes, "Ethics is about the good(that is, what values and virtues we should cultivate) and about the right (that is, what our moral duties may be)"(page 12). There are three parts to any moral event the person, the action, and the result. Within this scenario I am acting as a federal agent, the action is the torture of a seven- year old girl, the results could either be the terrorist gives me the information or he does not and the nuclear bomb goes off. According to Keathley's post the definition for torture is, any act by which severe pain or suffering, physical whether or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person(Torture Is Not Morally Permissible). The three main reasons torture may occur are "for the sake of punishment, to garner information (e.g. interrogation), and from discrimination or hate crimes"(Torture Is Not Morally Permissible). When taking all of this in to consideration, my first reaction of not torturing the girl is not what I(as a federal agent) would do. If the father would rather watch his daughter be tortured with a lighter instead of giving up the information needed to stop the nuclear bomb, I feel that it would be my moral obligation to my country to do what is necessary to garner the information, which means I would go through with torturing the girl. 1 Amanda Pacholski L24656078 Summer D PHIL 201 Discussion Board 5 August 10,2012 References Holmes, Arthur F. Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2007. Print. Keathley, M. "Torture Is Not Morally Permissible" Philosophy On., 30 Nov. 2010. Web. 10 Aug. 2012. <>. 2 ... View Full Document

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