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<NAME> PT2520 23 December 2012 Unit 2 Labs Lab 2.1 Identify Business Rules, Attributes, and Candidate Keys Step2- Do you have patient records in a computer system already?- How is patient info tracked and updated?- How do you process reports?- How do you separate the dropped patients from the ones still in the program?- Do you classify patients by health status? Step 3 Business Rules:- Doctor must login to database and select patients records that he/she is seeing for that day.- Front Office workers and nurses are able to view medical history and enter patient vital signs.- Doctors must complete form upon completion of appointment with patient.- Nurses can drop patients from program with doctors approval. Step 4 Security Rules: Patient entity PatientVisit entity a) Last, First MI Vitals, Doctors Notes b) Last Name last name, date of visit, and time PatientVisit c) Surrogate Key Auto-Incremented numbers Composite Key a combination of patients last name, date of visit, and time d) I chose Surrogate Key because it cannot be traced back to any of the patients ... View Full Document

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