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Company Merger Scenario 1 Running head: COMPANY MERGER SCENARIO Company Merger Scenario <NAME> ITT Technical Institute NT1330 Client-Server Networking 07/16/2012 Instructor: Mr. Thomas Company Merger Scenario 2 Company Merger Scenario When two companies decide to merge there is a lot of planning involved and one aspect that cannot fail is the transfer of data and resources. This takes place during the Migrating and Restructuring of Active Directory Domains. There is such a tool that makes it possible and aids in the transition, by Microsoft, it is called Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT). There are two types of Active Directory restructuring, they are; Interforest Active Directory Domain Restructuring and Intraforest Active Directory Domain Restructuring. Interforest is used when your company has a merger or a divestiture and Intraforest is used when your company needs to reduce overhead and complexity by restructuring domains within forests. The following shows the differences between Interforest and Intraforest Restructuring. Company Merger Scenario ... View Full Document

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