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1 Melissa McCarty IT/237 Checkpoint: Quick Check August 8, 2012 David Carryer 2 What is the box model? The term box model is often used by people when talking about CSS-based layouts and designs. Any HTML element can be considered a box, and so the box model applies to all HTML and XHTML elements. It is a specification that defines how a box and its attributes relate to each other. The box model tells browsers that a box defined as having a width of 100 pixels and the height of 50 pixels should be drawn 100 pixels wide and 50 pixels tall. What is padding? The padding is the white space that surrounds the box content. Padding clears an area around the content of an element. The padding is affected by the background color of the element. There are four areas of padding which include the top, right, bottom and left however all of the areas can be changed independently using separate properties. What is the margin? The margin is the white space that is outside of the border. The margin gives a little more breathing room by separating the boxes so that they are not crowded on the page. When using the border shorthand property, what value must always be specified? With the border shorthand property, you must specify a border style. Use spaces; not commas to separate the values when using the border shorthand properties. What are the values for the float property? When it comes to the float property, there are three values which include left, right and none. Setting the value to none will result in the element not floating at all. 3 What are the values for the clear property? The values for the clear property are left, right, or both. ... View Full Document

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