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NAME: Determine STUDENT whether the statement describes a population or sample. [1]1- Ages of all US presidents. Answer: [1]2- The annual salary of all professors at El Centro College... Answer: Identify if the numerical value in each statement describes a parameter or a statistic. [1]3- The average price of all houses in a new subdivision is $179,000 ..Answer: [1]4- A survey reports that 85% of drivers talk on their cell phone while driving. Answer: Describe if the following statements are examples of descriptive or inferential statistics. [1]5- The average number of hours vacationers spend in national parks during the summer months is 4.5 hours .. Answer: [1]6- Eighty-two percent of employees from a small local company attended the annual company picnic. ..Answer: Classify each of the following variables as: a. Qualitative or quantitative. b. If the data are quantitative, classify them as Discrete or Continuous. c. Nominal, Ordinal, or Ratio. [3]7- The age in whole years of U.S. presidents Answers: abc[3]8- The widths of the doors in home. Answers: abc[3]9- The IQ scores, reported in whole numbers, of research scientists. Answers: abc[3]10- The yearly amount of snow fall in Cleveland over ten years. abc1- EL CENTRO COLLEGE RAMAZAN ARABACI Answers: STUDENT NAME: [3]11- The sizes of T-shirts on sale. Answers: abc[3]12- The types of pets reported in a recent survey. Answers: abcDetermine if the following statements are true or false. [1]13-The population parameter is used to estimate the sample statistics. ..Answer: [1]14- A sample statistic is calculated from data collected in a study Answer: Determine which type of study you would conduct: observational or experimental. Then name a possible sampling frame you would use. [1]15- A researcher wants to study the effectiveness of vitamin C in combating the common cold. Answer: [1]16- A city planner wants to know the average number of vehicles parked in downtown parking lots on any given business day. Answer: Identify the sampling technique used for each the following. [1]17- A student asks all the people living on the 1st, 5th, and 8th floors of his dorm to answer a survey about dorm life on your campus. Answer:. [1]18- A computer program is used to randomly generate a list of student ID numbers in order to gather a group to give feedback about the Greek system on campus. Answer: [1]19-A superintendent to wants know the average reading level of all students in the third grade at a local elementary school. Answer: For the Data set below, construct a frequency table with the indicated number of class. Include the frequency, the class boundaries, the midpoint, the relative frequency of each class. The paper you worked on it with in detail must attached the answer paper. [18]20- The following data represents the number of days absent from the school in one semester for each of the 24 students in Mr. Arabacis 2342 Statistics class. Use 6 classes, each having a class width of 5 days. Begin with a lower limit of zero. 17 25 19 8 10 21 12 6 22 3 8 9 0 11 16 5 0 9 13 1 3 Answers: EL CENTRO COLLEGE RAMAZAN ARABACI 12 4 2 STUDENT NAME: Class Class Boundary Midpoint Relative Frequency Cumulative Frequency [7]21-Answer the questions below by using the constructed table in question 20. a- What is the relative frequency for the 4th class? b- What is the cumulative frequency 19 days and under? c- What is the upper class boundary for the 3rd class? d- What is the class width? e- What percentage of the student were absent between 20 and 29? f- How many students were surveyed? g- What was the number of male and female students surveyed? Answers: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) [4]22- Answer the questions by using the graphs below. EL CENTRO COLLEGE RAMAZAN ARABACI STUDENT NAME: Month Low High Jan 34.0F 54.1F Feb 38.7F 60.1F Mar 46.4F 68.3F Apr 54.0F 75.9F May 63.0F 83.2F Jun 70.7F 91.1F Jul 74.6F 95.4F Aug 74.0F 94.8F Sept 67.2F 87.7F Oct 56.4F 77.9F Nov 45.1F 65.1F Dec 36.8F 56.5F a) What are the coldest and warmest months with the numerical values in DFW? Answers: Month Precipitation Jan 1.90in. Feb 2.37in. Mar 3.06in. Apr 3.20in. May 5.15in. Jun 3.23in. Jul 2.12in. Aug 2.03in. Sept 2.42in. Oct 4.11in. Nov 2.57in. Dec 2.57in. What are the driest and wettest months with the numerical values in DFW? Answers: [18]23-Create a pie chart from the following information: Answers: EL CENTRO COLLEGE RAMAZAN ARABACI STUDENT NAME: Frequency Angles Pie Graph [18]24- Create a histogram from the following information: EL CENTRO COLLEGE RAMAZAN ARABACI STUDENT NAME: Answers: [16]25- Briefly, Describe and explain the basic shapes of a Distribution with graphs. Answers: There are four basic shapes of a distribution. EL CENTRO COLLEGE RAMAZAN ARABACI ... View Full Document

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