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REQ 1 FIDO GROOMING Income Statement Month of April Grooming revenue $16,300.00 Expenses: Wages $3,900.00 Grooming supplies expense $1,625.00 Building rent expense $1,300.00 Utilities $325.00 Depreciation on equipment $130.00 Total expenses $7,280.00 Net income $9,020.00 REQ 2 Unit cost to groom one dog = total operating expenses/ total number of dogs groomed unit cost to groom one dog = 7280/650 unit cost to groom one dog = $11.20 REQ 1 FIDO TREATS Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured Year Ended December 31, 2012 Beginning work in process inventory $- Direct materials used: Beginning direct materials inventory $13,400.00 Purchases of direct materials $33,000.00 Available for use $46,400.00 Ending direct materials inventory $(9,500.00) Direct materials used $36,900.00 Direct labor $22,000.00 Manufacturing overhead: Rent on plant $13,000.00 Utilities for plant $1,600.00 Plant janitorial services $800.00 Total manufacturing overhead $15,400.00 Total manufacturing costs incurred during the year $74,300.00 Total manufacturing costs to account for $74,300.00 Ending work in process inventory $(2,000.00) Cost of goods manufactured $72,300.00 REQ 2 FIDO TREATS Income Statement Year Ended December 31, 2012... View Full Document

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