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Davenport University AHIMA Virtual Lab Student Guide January 2013 Login Directions: 1. Go to 2. Enter the User Name and Password provided during registration 3. Select the Help tab button 4. Click on Athens Cerner Academic EHR to be directed to the Athens Cerner website or go directly to . 5. You will see the following screen: 6. When you are on this screen, go to the right of the page and see the Welcome to CernerWorks box. Click on Click to Install Citrix.. that is appropriate for your computers operating system. 7. Once Citrix is installed on your computer, then go to the Cerneworks Login box and enter the following User Name and Password and then click Log On . User Name: Cernaes Password: Cern@es123 8. You will see the Applications box. Select PowerChart AHIMA. Citrix will now startup. 9. This pop up box will appear on the screen: 10. If you completing the Exploring the EHR or Additional Documents / Record Assembly assignments, enter the following User Names and Password: User Name: Enter your AHIMA User Name / ID Password: Enter your AHIMA User Name / ID You will be prompted to change the password, it is suggested that you change it to the password you created with your AHIMA User Name / ID. *Note the new password as the next time you will login you will use it. * Instructors do not have access to passwords. If you forget your password for PowerChart, AHIMA will have to reset it. 11. If you completing the Scavenger Hunt I assignment, enter the following User Name and Password: User Name: DVU001 (D-V-U-zero-zero-one) Password: AHIMA#12 *This user name and password is for use of ALL Davenport students. Do not attempt to change it and Exit Out when complete (Task > Exit). ... View Full Document

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