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Reading 02.04 Cyclopes Use the following passage to answer the questions. Postea Graeci ad terram veniunt in qua gigantes habitant. Gigantes solum unum oculum habent. Unus eorum ( of them ), Polyphemus appellatus, erat crudelissimus ( most cruel ) et saepe homines devorabat. In spelunca eius ( his ), Graeci cibum et aquam inveniunt. Polyphemus afuit ( was away ), sed mox rediit ( returned ) et magnum saxum in portam speluncae posuit. Tum Graecos videt. Duos Graecos capit et edit; proximo die alios homines edit. Tum ex spelunca oves et capros ducit; eos ( them ) ad montes ubi edunt agit. Ulixes consilium ingeniosum ( clever ) consilium capit: Ubi Polyphemus redit, Graeci ei ( to him ) vinum forte donant; gigas bibit et somno vincitur. Ulixes et socii oculum Polyphemi palo acuto quem in igne posuerant penetrant. Gigas clare clamat, sed Graecos capere non potest quod caecus est. Proximo die Polyphemus saxum removet et ubi oves et capri excedunt, Graeci etiam---ligantur sub ovibus et capris! Alius ( another ) dolus Ulixis! Consilium Ulixis, autem, iram Neptuni effecit quod Polyphemus filius Neptuni erat. Afterward, the Greeks come to the land where the giants live. The giants have only one eye. One of them, called Polyphemus, was the most cruel and often used to devour men. In his cave, the Greeks find food and water. Polyphemus was away, but soon he returned and he placed a huge rock onto the gate of the cave. Then he sees the Greeks. He takes and eats two Greeks; on the next day he eats other men. Then he leads out of the cave sheep and goats; he drives to them the mountains where they eat. Ulysses forms a clever resolution: when Polyphemus returns, the Greeks give strong wine to him; the giant drinks and is overcome by sleep. Ulysses and his companions penetrate the eye of Polyphemus with a sharp stake which they had placed in fire. The giant shouts loudly, but he is not able to take the Greeks because he is blind. On the next day, Polyphemus removes the rock and when the sheep and goats go out, the Greeks also-they are tied under the sheep and goats! Another trick of Ulysses! The plan of Ulysses, however, brought about the wrath of Neptune because Polyphemus was the son of Neptune. Cyclopes unum __________ tenent. manum caput oculum cor POINT VALUE: 5.0 points Appellatus modifies unus. True False POINT VALUE: 5.0 points In the cave the Greeks find _____________. other Greeks other monsters food and water goats POINT VALUE: 5.0 points Portam is best translated by _____________. door house carried I will carry POINT VALUE: 5.0 points What does Polyphemus eat when he returns to the cave? goats Greeks sheep monsters POINT VALUE: 5.0 points In the phrase "gigas bibit," what case is gigas? nominative genitive dative accusative ablative POINT VALUE: 5.0 points Quem modifies __________. oculum Ulixes Polyphemi palo POINT VALUE: 5.0 points Quis est caecus? gigas Graeci POINT VALUE: 5.0 points Oves et capri sunt ___________. homines animalia gigas POINT VALUE: 5.0 points Dolus Ulixis est ________________. veritatem dicere iram Neptuni efficere in secreto discedere POINT VALUE: 5.0 points ... View Full Document

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