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B 2 Team Research Outline Team leader: Craig Daniels, everyone input as we go along Thesis: The effects on genetically modified foods present positive opportunities in both agricultural and human health. Is it ethical to genetically alter food products in order to increase size and growth rates? Topic: Biotechnology: Genetically Modified Foods We will be discusses with ethics of genetically process foods and touching base on different food products that are affected by this. Also pros and cons and various benefits from the modified food products. Also, the Is it healthier for you to eat things fresh or to eat the process products. I. History of Genetically Modify Foods - Craig What led to the innovations that we see today When and how was it created Obstacles II. Who were the creators of this type food Fresh of vs Modify Political influences- Michelle Obama's campaign and eating healthier Media influences -Biggest Loser, Trainers, News Channels- There opinions on Food Modification Pros & Cons/ Various Benefits - Candace III. Pro and Cons Advantages and disadvantages Effects on Humans and eating habits What do different doctors say about GM foods Produce & Poultry Industry - Raydel Fruits Chicken Turkey Beef IV. Veggies Processed foods Environmental Impacts & Ethical Issues-Paula Environmental: depletion of resources, discovery before inventions, impact on wildlife and humans (health and safety), long-term and short-term effects, waste disposal, aesthetic considerations 3 V. codes of ethics, privacy, accountability, individual responsibility Conclusion -Whole Group ... View Full Document

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