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head: Running UNIT 1 ACTIVITY 3 RONNIE SALONE 1 Unit 1 Activity 3 Ronnie Salone 10/18/12 NT1310 Physical Networking ITT Technical Institute Unit 1 Activity 3Fixed Line vs. Cellular Ronnie Salone 2 The topic of discussion was whether or not Dean Hartwell needed to have a landline at his home. My response was yes but I dont believe the dean was convinced due to the popularity of cellular networks and the reduced need to have a home except phone in the case of DSL service. This paper is set to examine the pros and cons of having a purely cellular network vs. having a purely fixed line network. My research will show that a purely fixed line analog system will limit the amount of data traffic that can be carried over that line. That a purely cellular network has greater potential to handle greater data speed, network security, equipment and less troubleshooting. ... View Full Document

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