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135:33** CHEM Johnson FALL, 2007 GENERAL CHEMISTRY FOR ENGINEERS GUIDE TO EXAM 1 EXAM 1: Monday, September 17, 2006, during regular class time. Prior to the exam look up your seat assignment for the exam in elms and bring to the exam. It will be in either CHM1407 or CHM1402. Note the room number as well as the seat number. Know your section number and your ID number. Minus 1 point each if section number is missing, name is not readable, or ID number is missing. Write down both your first and last names on the first page and write at least your last name on every page. Bring your ID card to show when you turn in your exam. The exam will cover: * The Course Syllabus: * Academic Integrity Policy: * Brown & Holme Text * OWL Homework: * Written Homework: * Lecture: See below for sample questions. Chapter 1: 1.2-1.5 & Chapter 2: 2.2-2.6 HW1 and HW2 WHW1 & WHW2 Material covered in lecture through Wed., September 12, relating to Chapters 1 and 2 Know the following (see below): (most important for Exam I are in bold) * Memory Work: Names (correct spelling) and symbols of elements with the following atomic numbers: 1-38, 46-56, 78-83, 86, 92, 94 (focus on 1-36 for Exam 1) Base Units of the SI System: Table 1.1 SI Prefixes: Table 1.2 Tera (T) to atto (a) Density: density = mass/volume 3 3 d (H2O) = 1.00 g/cm 1mL = 1cm 3 1L = 1dm Temperature conversions Between Kelvin and Celsius & Between Fahrenheit and Celsius Significant Figure Rules Rules for using exponents in calculations Rule for naming monatomic cations. Rule for naming monatomic anions. Regarding Metal cations, know the following : ...and these metals have only one common charge when forming a cation (no roman number should be used when naming): Group 1 +1 Group 2 +2 Sc +3 ............ Ag +1, Zn +2, Cd +2 Al +3 Ga +3 In +3 Know names and formulas for the following polyatomic ions: Exam 1: write the correct formula with correct charge from the name NO3CO32SO42CrO42PO43NH4+ nitrate carbonate sulfate chromate phosphate ammonium ion ClO3BrO3IO3MnO4chlorate bromate iodate permanganate -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Graded exams will be returned to students only during the discussion classes - not in lecture and not during Dr. Johnson's office hours (with the exception of the last exam). To get your exam back, you will need to go to your discussion class! The TA will review solutions to the exams during the discussion session. If you think there is an error in grading your exam, do the following: 1) Attach a note to your exam stating the grading problem and include your dated signature. 2) Return the exam to Dr. Johnson within the next two lecture classes following the discussion class in which the exam was given to you. 3) DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ON YOUR EXAM IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING IT FOR REGRADING!!!! Dr. Johnson will personally re-grade exams submitted for such and may elect to regrade the exam in its entirety. This means that points can be either added or deducted! READ THIS AGAIN AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND IT! Save your graded hour exams so that you can use them to study for the final exam. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sample on questions course syllabus: TRUE OR FALSE: WRITE "T" OR "F" AFTER EACH STATEMENT: You are a student in Chem 135/Johnson. You think there is an error in the grading of one question on your exam. You write comments on your exam by that question and give it to Brad, your TA, to regrade in the next discussion class. F Do not write on your exam if you want it regraded. Write comments on a separate piece of paper and attach it to the exam. Turn the exam in to Dr. Johnson within two lecture classes following your discussion class. You are a student in Chem 135/Johnson. You earned 14 out of 14 points on an OWL Homework assignment but only 10 points were entered in the elms gradebook for that homework assignment. You need to inform Dr. Johnson that there is a grade entry error because you should have received 14 points for the assignment. F Every OWL Homework assignment will be worth the same (10 points) regardless of how many points it is worth in OWL. The OWL points will be scaled to 10 total possible points in the elms gradebook. You are a student in Chem 135/Johnson. You need to have grades for 3 out of 5 exams. You take the first exam. You skip the second exam. You take the third exam. You skip the fourth exam. Then you are in a car accident and have surgery that keeps you in the hospital until two days before the fifth exam. You don't have to worry because Dr. Johnson will make an exception in your case. F Note: This happened in F2001. No exception was made. The smart thing to do is to take all exams unless you have a real emergency. You are a student in Chem 135/Johnson. You take all 5 exams, but you are still not passing the course as you approach the final. You don't have to worry because Dr. Johnson will give you special assignments in order to be sure that you pass Chem 135. F Note: The syllabus is a contract and must be applied equally to all students. If you talk in Chem 135 lecture, Dr. Johnson will ask you to leave. If you do not leave peaceably, she will call the Campus Police and report you to the Student Judicial Board. T Exams 4 and 5 in Chem 135 will be easier than Exams 1 and 2, so you should probably just skip the first two exams. F Even if you fail exams 1 and 2, it is still very likely that you will make an A in Chem 135. F Possible, but not likely! Later exams build on the earlier material and the final is comprehensive. If you cheat in Chem 135, Dr. Johnson will enforce every rule of the Code of Academic Integrity, and you will live to regret it. T You can count on it! Students are responsible for material which Dr. Johnson discusses in class, even if it does not appear in the textbook. T MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: 1) The final exam will count for what percentage of the grade in Chem 135? 10% 30% 40% 50% Answer: 30% That is a lot! 3) The discussion sessions are the only time and place we give out the graded exams the only time and place we go over solutions to homework problems the time and place you can talk to the TA about things you do not understand Answer: All of the above are true, although you can come to my office for help with homework and things you do not understand. ... View Full Document

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