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CHEM 135:33** Johnson FALL, 2007 GENERAL CHEMISTRY FOR ENGINEERS GUIDE TO EXAM 1 EXAM 1 : Monday, September 17, 2006, during regular class time. Prior to the exam look up your seat assignment for the exam in elms and bring to the exam. It will be in either CHM1407 or CHM1402. Note the room number as well as the seat number. Know your section number and your ID number . Minus 1 point each if section number is missing, name is not readable, or ID number is missing. Write down both your first and last names on the first page and write at least your last name on every page. Bring your ID card to show when you turn in your exam. The exam will cover: * The Course Syllabus: See below for sample questions. * Academic Integrity Policy: * Brown & Holme Text Chapter 1: 1.2-1.5 & Chapter 2: 2.2-2.6 * OWL Homework : HW1 and HW2 * Written Homework: WHW1 & WHW2 * Lecture: Material covered in lecture through Wed., September 12, relating to Chapters 1 and 2 * Memory Work: Know the following (see below): (most important for Exam I are in bold ) Names (correct spelling) and symbols of elements with the following atomic numbers: 1-38 , 46-56, 78-83, 86, 92, 94 (focus on 1-36 for Exam 1) Base Units of the SI System: Table 1.1 SI Prefixes: Table 1.2 Tera (T) to atto (a) Density: density = mass/volume d (H 2 O) = 1.00 g/cm 3 1mL = 1cm 3 1L = 1dm 3 Temperature conversions Between Kelvin and Celsius & Between Fahrenheit and Celsius Significant Figure Rules Rules for using exponents in calculations Rule for naming monatomic cations. Rule for naming monatomic anions.... View Full Document

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