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management The of Weimar, Inc., a civil engineering design company, is considering an investment in a high-quality blueprint printer with the following cash flows: 1. Determine the payback period of the investment. 2. Would the payback period be affected if the cash inflow in the last year were several times larger? The Heritage Amusement Park would like to construct a new ride called the Sonic Boom, which the park management feels would be very popular. The ride would cost $450,000 to construct, and it would have a 10% salvage value at the end of its 15-year useful life. The company estimates that the following annual costs and revenues would be associated with the ride: 1. Assume that the Heritage Amusement Park will not construct a new ride unless the ride provides a payback period of six years or less. Does the Sonic Boom ride satisfy this requirement? 2. Compute the simple rate of return promised by the new ride. If Heritage Amusement Park requires a simple rate of return of at least 12%, does the Sonic Boom ride meet this criterion? Martin Company is considering the purchase of a new piece of equipment. Relevant information concerning the equipment follows: 1. Compute the payback period for the equipment. If the company all rejects proposals with a payback period of more than four years, would the equipment be purchased? 2. Compute the simple rate of return on the equipment. Use straight-line depreciation based on the equipment's useful life. Would the equipment be purchased if the company's required rate of return is 14%? Wriston Company has $300,000 to invest. The company is trying to decide between two alternative uses of the funds. The alternatives are as follows: The working capital needed for project B will be released for investment elsewhere at the end of seven years. Wriston Company uses a 20% discount rate. Which investment alternative (if either) would you recommend that the company accept? Show all computations using the net present value format. Prepare separate computations for each project. Austin Company is investigating four different investment opportunities. Information on the four projects under study is given below: Because the company's required rate of return is 10%, a 10% discount rate has been used in the above present value computations. Limited funds are available for investment, so the company can't accept all of the available projects. Compute the project profitability index for each investment project. ... View Full Document

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