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1 Week Three: 3. CheckPoint: Management Structures CheckPoint: Available Points Points Earned Comments You manage a counseling center that services victims of domestic abuse. Your organization is happy to have you on board and trusts your decisions. Due to an increase in demand for services in your area, your center will be increasing the number of employees by 100%. Your employer asks you to participate in an expansion plan. Your task is to research possible organizational structures that best suit the needs of your clients and your organization. 25 25 Format, Grammar, and Punctuation 5 5 Late Penalty 10% per day Total 30 30 Additional Comments: Samantha, You did a good job on this CheckPoint assignment. You were able to get 30/30 on this CheckPoint assignment. Management Structures 2 Samantha McPherson HSM/220 January 18, 2013 Kevin Larry, LCSW, MBA Running head: MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 3 Running head: MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 4 As the manager of this counseling center that service victims of domestic abuse, ... View Full Document

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