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Three: 3. 1 Week CheckPoint: Management Structures CheckPoint: Available Points Points Earned You manage a counseling center that services victims of domestic abuse. Your organization is happy to have you on board and trusts your decisions. Due to an increase in demand for services in your area, your center will be increasing the number of employees by 100%. Your employer asks you to participate in an expansion plan. Your task is to research possible organizational structures that best suit the needs of your clients and your organization. 25 25 Format, Grammar, and Punctuation 5 5 30 Comments 30 Late Penalty 10% per day Total Additional Comments: Samantha, You did a good job on this CheckPoint assignment. You were able to get 30/30 on this CheckPoint assignment. Management Structures 2 Samantha McPherson HSM/220 January 18, 2013 Kevin Larry, LCSW, MBA Running head: MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 3 Running head: MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 4 As the manager of this counseling center that service victims of domestic abuse, I have researched organizational structures that can help us in our expansion plan; the four best possible organizational structures that would best suit the needs of our clients and organization are: Departmentalization Advantage a. Departmentalization by program is good when specialized knowledge and skill about a particular type of problem or client are needed. b. Departmentalization by function provides the rationale for division of labor. c. Departmentalization by process can be used when there is a fairly elaborate admission and screening process. d. Departmentalization by market is an option to assist in providing better services. e. Departmentalization by consumer/client serves for an option when assisting different with clients problems. f. Departmentalization by geographic area is used when the area served is large enough that access to services is an important issue. Disadvantage Departmentalization by process can cause clients to change workers and lose continuity in their relationships with workers. The major disadvantage is not having a leader with the required specialized knowledge and expertise. Running head: MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 5 Matrix organizations Advantage This structure allows for flexibility, responsiveness and more than one supervisor. Disadvantage Runs the risk of making the organization more complex, requiring more input for decisions, requiring more collaboration between and among supervisors, and in general adding time and costs to day to day procedures. If they are more widely supported throughout the organization the operation will be successful. The project team Advantage Group or team performance independence. subdivision within the organization while ensuring coordination and accountability. Disadvantage The team must get permission from a supervisor in order to move the project along. The collegial model Advantage All share management responsibilities equally or work out some type of rotation. Freedom and flexibility for individual partners or team members. Disadvantage Running head: MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 6 No individual accountability to ensure that the collective work of the organization is accomplished; can fail for lack of authority, runs the highest risk in terms of performance and accountability. Running head: MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 7 Resource: 1. Kettner, P. M. (2002). Achieving Excellence in the Management of Human Services Organizations. (Ch.4). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. ... View Full Document

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