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10/25/2012 1 Psychology 101 Intro Bio Cog Psych University of British Columbia Dr. Michael Souza Lectures 20-21 (26 & 29 Oct 2012) Classical and operant conditioning Observational learning Learning objectives To understand the process of classical conditioning and to link that to various forms of real-world learning To appreciate how and why operant conditioning is a powerful way to shape the behavior of others To explore the role of observational learning and to uncover a potential biological basis for this ability 2 Picture: From SchactersPsychology (2nded) The basics of learning Associative learning Stimuli and valences Evolutionary significance of learning? 3 Picture: From SchactersPsychology (2nded) Overview of some major forms of learning Classical conditioning Neutral stimulus gains significance Operant conditioning Shaping an individuals behavior Observational learning Monkey see, monkey do 4 Picture: From SchactersPsychology (2nded) Classical conditioning... View Full Document

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