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Chapter 19 - Managing Public Relations Chapter 19 Managing Public Relations True / False Questions 1. How the general public perceives a business firm can have a major effect on its performance. True False 2. An effective public relations program is not fundamental to an organization's relationship with the public. True False 3. The public relations function is a boundary-spanning role that primarily involves the flow of information to and from the organization. True False 4. A public relations program should be reactive, not proactive. True False 5. An example of direct communications is through a company Web site. True False 6. An example of indirect communications is through television. True False 7. The major activity carried out by public relations managers is writing blogs. True False 19-1 Chapter 19 - Managing Public Relations 8. The Public Relations Society of America is the government agency charged with regulating advertisements in the United States. True False 9. Members of the Public Relations Society of America are expected to adhere to the core values of advocacy, honesty, and fairness, among others. True False 10. Historically, public relations officers worked mostly through contact with traditional media outlets. True False 11. The Internet-based communication revolution has significantly benefited only large organizations. True False 12. The Federal Trade Commission serves as a public watchdog evaluating honesty and fairness in advertising. True False 13. The Securities and Exchange Commission is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. True False 14. The public scrutiny following a corporate crisis can have a political, legal, financial, and governmental impact on its business. True False 19-2 Chapter 19 - Managing Public Relations 15. Key employees must be identified in advance of a crisis so that they are ready to address the issue. True False Multiple Choice Questions 16. In 2007, the Cartoon Network was fined for public disruption of the Bostonian transportation system while using a new form of public relations called: A. Guerilla advertising. B. Terror advertising. C. Attack advertising. D. Strike advertising, 17. A good public relations program: A. Sends a constant stream of information to the company's stakeholders. B. Is separate from the company's public affairs program to avoid conflicts of interest. C. Should be primarily reactive, responding to issues as they arise. D. Is necessary only for highly vulnerable companies. 18. As one group of scholars has written, the essential role of the public relations program appears to be that of: A. A window out of the corporation through which management can perceive, monitor, and understand external change.... View Full Document

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