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Chapter 15 Accounting and Enterprise Software True-False Questions 1. Middle range accounting software programs can cost as much as $100,000 when you include the costs of customizing the software for a particular organization. 2. SAP R/3 is a good example of a middle-range AIS software program. 3. Internet connectivity is a software feature that is available only in enterprise resource planning software. 4. Supply chain management concerns an organizations ability to interface with its customers and suppliers. 5. Integrated accounting software programs process accounting transactions only. 6. Low-end accounting software is unlikely to include features such as sample charts of accounts and flexible reporting. 7. Two important features of enterprise systems are integration and a centralized database. 8. MRP I and MRP II systems were forerunners to enterprise information systems. 9. ERP I systems are mostly back-office systems; ERP II systems are front-office information systems. 10. Supply chains are a new phenomenon. 11. PRM stands for Personnel Relationship Management. 12. Business intelligence tools have no relationship with CRM. 13. The best-of-breed approach to software selection is never a good idea. 14. Extended application interfaces are middleware that allow different software applications to share data and information. 15. An e-business portal is a gateway to outside web sites and services. 16. A business implementing an enterprise system should always conduct business process reengineering before putting in the new system. 17. It is not possible to implement an enterprise information system in less than one year. TB 9.1 18. Software and consultant selection precedes formulation of the project team in an enterprise system implementation. 19. Change management activities are nice to include in an enterprise system implementation, but they aren't necessary. 20. The benefits of an enterprise system may include reduced inventory investment and improved cash management. 21. It is relatively easy to determine the costs of an ERP system. 22. Todays ERP systems provide integration among all of an organizations major business processes. 23. Extended enterprise systems bring customers, suppliers, and other business partners together. 24. It is rarely external forces that cause an organization to need new AIS software. 25. The approach to purchasing accounting software is the same, regardless of software complexity or price range. 26. The Internet can be a great tool in learning about specialized accounting software options.... View Full Document

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