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Problem 1-32 Now that you know of the chips faults, what should you disclose and to whom should you disclose it? The fact that they are faulty, how they are faulty, and what can be caused as a result is what needs to be disclosed. The first people that need to be told are the management team with in the company, as well as investors. Seeing the brand image and brand value of my company I will make sure that all the faulty information should be informed to the distributors as well as to our retail chains or stores who are selling our products and it has to be made sure that such memory chips which are faulty those products should not be sold to any customers. To any customers that have already purchased them, we need to do a recall and replace the faulty chips free of charge under the recall. Problem 2-55 Where does this program fit in the Harley-Davidson value chain? From a value chain perspective, how does the Riders Edge program at Harley-Davidson support the firms strategy?strategy?... View Full Document

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