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BIBL 364 T HEMATIC A NALYSIS T EMPLATE Student: Deena Shoemaker Copy and paste the down arrow () into boxes to show that a unit of material is continuing. Copy and paste the left arrow () into boxes to show where a unit of material ends. P ARAGRAPHS (S UBMIT IN PARTS 1-3) I MMEDIATE C ONTEXT (S UBMIT IN P ARTS 2-3) M AJOR P OINTS (S UBMIT IN P ART 3) M AJOR S ECTIONS (S UBMIT IN P ART 3) T HEME (S UBMIT IN P ART 3) 1:15 Introduction 1:1-11 Before Pentecost 1:1-2:47 Pentecost 1:1 8:1 The Spread of Christianity in Jerusalem 1:128:31 The Receiving of the Holy Spirit and the Spread of the Gospel to the Uttermost Parts of the Earth, both to the Jews and Gentiles. 1:611 Jesus Final Command and Ascension 1:1214 Devotion to Prayer 1:12-14 Prayer 1:1526 Matthias Becomes a Disciple 2:14 The Arrival of the Holy Spirit 2:1-47 The Pentecost 2:513 The Speaking of Tongues 2:1421 Peter Addresses the Crowd 2:2228 Jesus is Christ 2:2936 The Resurrection and Power of Christ 2:3742 Instruction of Salvation 2:4347 The Formation of the Early Church Page 1 of 13 BIBL 364 3:110 The Healing of the Beggar 3:1 4:31 The Acts and Persecution of the Apostles 3:1 5:16 New Community of Believers 3:1116 Peters Second Sermon 3:1726 Peter Preaches Salvation 4:14 The Arrest of Peter and John 4:512 Peter Addresses the Spiritual Leaders 4:1322 Peter and John Released 4:2331 Of One Accord 4:3235 Sharing Among the Church 4:32 5:16 A Community of Believers -- the Early Church. 4:3637 Barnabas gives to the Church 5:1-6 The Death of Ananias 5:7-11 The Death of Sapphira 5:1216 The Apostles Perform Wonders through God 5:1721a The Apostles Jailed 5:17-42 The Apostles in the Face of Opposition and Persecution 5:21b26 The Apostles Page 2 of 13 BIBL 364 Preach in the Temple 5:2732 The Apostles Appear before the Council 5:3339 Gamaliels Advice 5:4042 Flogged and Let Go 6:16 The Seven are Chosen 6:1-7 The Seven are Chosen and the Gospel is Spread 6:1 8:40 The Hellenistic Jews Spread to a Wider Audience 6:7 The Spread of the Gospel 6:87:1 Stephens Trial 6:8-7:1 Stephen is Arrested 7:28 The Story of Abraham 7:2-8:1 Stephens Speech 7:910 The Story of Josephs Rescue 7:1116 Gods Divine Providence ... View Full Document

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