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Louisiana History Dates: 1771-1860 1771 Free People of Color in the Colonial Period, 3% 1786 Miros Bando and the Tignon Spanish governor Miro passed his Bando du buen gobierno (Edict or Bill for Good Government)- Women live in situations called concubines- Two of the sections in this edict focused on free women of color A lot of free women of color had men that took care of them so they didnt have to work Miro saw this as a problem that could lead to potential disorder and stated they should get back to work Also stated that women of color needed to stop flaunting themselves, specifically in the way they dress and the way they wore their hair 1800 Free People of Color were at 18% 1808 American Civil Codes allowed for manumission and for a slave to enter a contract for terms of freedom When slavery was against the law, the plantation owners had the female slaves give birth to many children , and they were made into reproductive labor forces 1810 When west Florida republic briefly declared its independence it has a blue flag, which originates in Louisiana (Gods and Generals) 1825 American Civil Codes revision 1830 Population becomes troublesome because it is so numerous, and the Free People of Color who came to the state after 1825 had to leave state or be imprisoned 1850 Compromise of 1850/Fugitive Slave Act- Sectionalism- People in free states had a legal obligation to return runaway ... View Full Document

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