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1Question 2: The Nye Report came out in 1936 and the Senate committee investigated world war one. What they found was that Woodrow Wilson had allowed himself to be dragged into the war by the war profiteers. The conclusions were damning - the arms dealers had influenced America. The ship builders and the arms dealers increased their profits by 1000%. Even though the Nye Report overstepped evidence to get to its conclusion it still influenced the public resulting in very little support for any foreign wars. According to a Gallup poll, seventy percent of the population said that they wished America had not gone into WW1. So FDR issued the Neutrality Acts of 1935,1936, and 1937 saying that the United States would not be allowed in any civil or foreign wars. However there was a tension between the neutrality that the United States stated to the public and its private inclinations towards war. ... View Full Document

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