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Running head: M&M PROJECT REPORT M&M Project Report Erla Reyes Course: Mat-300 Professor: Daniel Burnell Date: June 20, 2013 Strayer University Online M&M PROJECT REPORT 2 Project Part 1: Sampling Method there are four methods of sampling available. The following are defined as follow: 1: Simple Random Sampling In this method, individuals are randomly selected from a list of the population and every single individual has an equal chance of selection. 2) Systematic Sampling When using systematic sampling, every key element from the list is selected (this is referred to as the sample interval) from a randomly selected starting point. For example, if we have a listed population of 40 members and wish to draw a sample of 10, we would select every 4th (40 divided by 10) person from the list. In practice, we would randomly select a number between 1 and 4 to act as our starting point. 3) Stratified Sampling this method is used when there are a number of distinct subgroups, within each of which it is ... View Full Document

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