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Allison Rehagen Liberal Studies 100 (08) December 16, 2009 Paving the Way for Success and Happiness through a Liberal Education: An Integrative Statement Throughout this course my overall knowledge of life, of the world, of what is necessary to live in todays society has grown immensely. This understanding, as I later learned is liberal education. At the beginning of this semester I read the essays and completed the assigned work, but I failed to depict the meaning hidden underneath. Through the LEAP programs and the course readings, I was introduced to new, deeper levels of thinking. I was then able to see how these deep meanings are relevant outside of the classroom. It was these connections that initiated my ability to distinguish the concept of liberal education and produce my own convictions. I became able to deduce that the transformation from a novice to a liberally educated individual is not something that is easily identified; rather it as a combination of qualities that by complimenting self-satisfaction enables one to perceive the world efficiently in todays society. Having that said, I believe liberal education is learning that allows one to obtain prominent abilities through experiences that will lead them to personal and community fulfillment; these abilities include self-initiation, personal responsibility, a balance of diversity, examination of ones origin of happiness, persistence, and the ability to empathize with others. It wasnt until I attended LEAP programs that I ventured into deeper thought and consequently discovered the life lessons portrayed in the text. Likewise, I have come to believe that my education starts now and everything that I accumulated up until this point is no longer relevant, no longer necessary. If my later understanding classifies the prior as nave, then I assume that my current state of mind will be re-understood in the future. I have come to recognize that knowledge is never complete, as change is continuous. For this reason, it is important to continue this transformation into deeper thought and insight through which we will all succeed. Liberal Education is not something that is done unto you; rather it is something that you exert unto yourself in the search for happiness. It is having the desire to become diverse while still keeping your passions at heart. This transformation requires experiences that will complement your individual talents and passions in life, which in turn will produce a society full of individuals each with a broad knowledge beyond their specialty. Self-initiation was seen in Jumping Mouse, when Little Mouse ventured away from his mouse village after discovering the yearning in his heart to leave his secluded life and move toward something much larger. ... View Full Document

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