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1. Pat , a salesperson for Quality Textiles, Inc. , Shows Rosa , a fabric buyer for Style Clothing Company , samples of cloth , stating that any shipment will match the samples. This statement is: A. An express warranty . 2. AAA Appliance salespersons tell potential customers that AAA products are excellent . This is D. sales talk or puffing 3. Smith Manufacturing Company makes and sells cell computers. In deciding whether the computers are merchantable , a curt would focus on whether B. the computers are fit for the ordinary purpose for which such goods are used 4. Jack , a lawyer, goes to Smith Manufacturing to buy a computer. He states that he needs a computer that runs the latest version of a legal software program that he uses. The computer does not run the software. Smith has violated. A. the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose 5. All-Rite Appliance Store advertises freezers at a Special Low Price of $99. When Bob tries to buy one of the freezers, Cathy , the salesperson, tells him that they are all sold and no more are obtainable. Cathy adds that All-Rite has other freezers for $1,299. This is B. bait-and switch advertising 6. Fun Stuff Corporation manufactures skateboards, which it sells to Good Times Stores . Good Times sells the skateboards to consumers, including Holly , In a product liability suit based on strict liability due to a defect in the skateboards, Holly may recover from: B. Fun Stuff or Good Times . 7. Jack revives unsolicited books in the mail from Baby Book Sellers, Inc . Baby Book Sellers includes a note that says that Jack can keep the books for $9.95 or send them back in a prepaid mailer. Jack A. may keep the merchandise without any obligation to the Baby Book Sellers 8. Joyce works for Kappa Services Corporation as an independent contractor , and not as an employee, if C. Kappa does not control Joyce s work 9. Dana , an agent for Evan , signs an agreement on Evan s behalf but neglects to tell Evan that the agreement requires the payment of certain taxes. The government prosecutes Evan for failing to pay the taxes. Evan is A. liable , because Dana s knowledge is assumed to be known by Evan 10. Lynn is driving a truck for a locally owned bottler of Duff Cola . The truck is owned by the local bottler, but is adorned with Duff logos.... View Full Document

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