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1. Writing Skills are a necessity in todays workplace. 2. Knowledge workers must be able to think critically, make decisions and communicate those decisions. 3. Noteworthy changes in todays dynamic workplace revolve around team-based projects, flattened management hierarchies, and global competition. 4. For communication to be successful, the receiver must understand the message as the sender intended. 5. Encoding: Converting an idea into words or gestures that convey meaning. Channels: Media that transmit messages (computer, telephone, letter) Decoding: translating the message from symbol form into meaning 6. Many businesses today are flattening their management hierarchies. This flattening means that employees at all levels need excellent communication skills. 7. The reasons that organizations form teams are that teams usually make better decisions, respond faster, increase productivity, achieve greater buy-in, exhibit less resistance to change, improve employee morale, and result in less risk for individual members.employee morale, and result in less risk for individual members.... View Full Document

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