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Preparatory Management English ( BAE 1010 ) The Advantages of Business Management Skills The advantages of business management skills by Humphries, J. (July 2013) simplified the importance between management and business. The style used in the article is very straight forward with most of the important information is highlighted for readers. The authors strongly suggest that all business should have a proper management skill. To support his idea, in third paragraph the author stress out that business failure is caused by poor management. The statement is supported by the article from 'Management skills are crucial to good business management'. For deeper understanding, the author explain about functions of management for reader to better understand a fundamental of management skills. The explanation is taken straight from In the end of the article, the author conclude that the readers should be able to understand the weaknesses of the organisation and work to change them to strengths. The last section of the article did not have any references and assumend that the suggestion come from directly from the author. It clearly shows that the article is intended for managers and business owners. After reading the article, the reader will understand the importance of business management skills and the fundamentals of management. By : Natasha Safika Binti Sukriman | 1101110671 ... View Full Document

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