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Affirmative Action 1 Affirmative Action HRM/240 Tony Risner Affirmative Action 2 Board Of Directors, It has come to my attention that our company is lacking an affirmative action program, I would like to recommend that we start laying the ground work to institute a program to start adopting affirmative action policies. By adopting such a program, we can avoid any future claims against our existing policies and be better prepared to compete in the global marketplace. I know that some people may think that by adopting an affirmative action program we may be settling for sub-standard production and performance from the new employees we hire or that we are just hiring some token people to avoid discrimination lawsuits, but that is not what we are aiming for. By acting proactively instead of reactively we can make sure that we do not have to give up hiring skilled employees, we can actively search for skilled, intelligent people knowledgeable in their respective fields and able to shed a better light on areas that we may be lacking in now. I believe that by hiring these shed a better light on areas that we may be lacking in now.... View Full Document

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