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UNIEC Virtual USER GUIDE FOR STUDENTS Version 1.0 2 UNIEC Virtual Learning Environment 1.0 Logging Into UNIEC VIRTUAL ( There are two steps to log into UNIEC VIRTUAL: 1) Locate the Login area either i) on your left side of computer screen, or ii) click the Login link at the top right area 2) Type in your username and password (the same username and password as your UNITAR’s network ID). Figure 1.1: UNIEC VIRTUAL Login area (i-on the left side) or Figure 1.2: UNIEC VIRTUAL Login area (ii-after click the Login link) 3 UNIEC Virtual Learning Environment 2.0 Updating your profile 1) To edit your profile click the ‘Edit profile’ link, located on the bottom left side of the screen under ‘Settings’ block. Figure 2.1: Edit Profile 2) This will lead to the edit profile page. This will lead to the edit profile page (Figure 2.2). You can change your personal details, email settings and upload a picture in this area. Figure 2.2: Edit profile page 3) Click the ‘update profile’ button at the bottom of the screen (Figure 2.3) when you are done to save your changes. 4 UNIEC Virtual Learning Environment Figure 2.3: Update Profile button 5 UNIEC Virtual Learning Environment 3.0 Page Layout and Blocks Course pages in UNIEC are arranged in a three‐column format. The two side columns are made up of small boxes called blocks. Blocks contain extra information of the content contained in the centre of small boxes called blocks.... View Full Document

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