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Unformatted Document Excerpt[9/29/2011 9:32:31 PM] Record: 1 Title: Business. Source: Economist; 8/20/2011, Vol. 400 Issue 8747, p7-7, 1p, 1 Graph Document Type: Article Company/Entity: GOOGLE Inc. Ticker: GOOG MOTOROLA Mobility Inc. BANK of America Corp. DUNS Number: 055169452 TORONTO-Dominion Bank (Company) People: BUFFETT, Warren, 1930- Abstract: The article presents news briefs about business. Topics discussed include Internet-search firm Google's bid to buy smartphone maker Motorola Mobility, billionaire Warren Buffet's assertion that taxes should be raised on the rich, and the sale by banking company Bank of America of its Canadian credit-card operations to banking company Toronto-Dominion Bank. Full Text Word Count: 751 ISSN: 00130613 Accession Number: 64872656 Persistent link to this record (Permalink): direct=true&db=a9h&an=64872656&site=ehost-live Cut and Paste: <a href=" direct=true&db=a9h&AN=64872656&site=ehost-live">Business.</a> Database: Academic Search Complete Section: The world this week Google shook up the smartphone industry with a deal to buy Motorola Mobility, the former mobile-handsets division of Motorola, which split in two in January. The $12.5 billion purchase is Google's biggest by far and will enable it to integrate its Android operating system better with Motorola's devices, making them more competitive with those of Apple and others. Google also benefits from Motorola's vast portfolio of patents, which Larry Page, Google's chief executive, said would help to "protect Android from anti-competitive threats".... View Full Document

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