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Igneous rocks Igneous Rocks Solidified molten rock 1,100 C to 650 C Depends on composition Earth is mostly igneous rock Magma Subsurface melt Lava Melt at the surface Magma erupts via volcanoes Igneous rocks Rock texture size, shape, orientation of minerals Composition minerals that compose the rock Igneous rock textures Igneous rock textures Phaneritic Aphanitic Porphyritic Glassy Vesicular Pyroclastic Igneous rock textures Intrusive igneous rocks Extrusive igneous rocks Igneous rock composition Felsic (high silica) Intermediate (medium silica) Mafic (low silica) Art 05.03b1 Texture? A. Phaneritic B. Aphanitic C. Porphyritic D. Pyroclastic Igneous Activity Distribution Igneous activity tracks tectonic plate boundaries Igneous Activity Distribution Igneous activity tracks tectonic plate boundaries. Hot spots Mafic volcanic activity Convergent boundaries Felsic igneous activity Divergent boundaries Mafic igneous activity Which of the following is a source of heat inside the Earth? inside the Earth?... View Full Document

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