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Running head: HOW CAN I HELP? How Can I Help? Nickalous R. Turner Harrison College Business Office Procedures Claudia McPhail September 30, 2012 1 2 HOW CAN I HELP? How Can I Help? In this paper, I am to consider that I am Pastor Helmut Riegs administrative assistant at Grace Lutheran Church. An elderly neighbor, Lester Beddinghaus, has called to complain that trees on church property are shedding leaves onto his lawn. He wants the church to rake the leaves so he will not have to pay his lawn service to do it. Pastor Rieg has told me that the church is under no legal obligation to remove the leaves, but he would like to find a way to resolve the problem. Meanwhile, Mr. Beddinghaus has called me three times to complain about the leaves. I have assured him that I am working on a solution, but he seems to be lonely and in need of someone to listen. I am to discuss how I might be able to help in this situation, explain how I can listen to his concerns without letting him take too much of my time, explain how I can gracefully end a telephone conversation in which Mr. Beddinghaus goes on and on, and lastly, how I can discourage Mr. Beddinghaus from calling so often. As an administrative professional, I carry a great deal of obligations and responsibilities in the role of support for the organization and members I provide for. Some of the typical responsibilities I have are to relieve management of administrative detail, coordinate workflow, compose correspondence and reports, maintain the supervisors calendar, arrange travel, recruit, hire, and supervise secretarial or clerical staff as required, do internet research, meet and greet clients and visitors, coordinate and maintain records, set up and facilitate meetings and conferences, maintain and ... View Full Document

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