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Client-Server Networking II Graded Assignments -3- 10/08/2011 Unit 2. Assignment 1. DHCP Troubleshooting Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes In this assignment, you will nalyze DHCP configuration options. Assignment Requirements Review the following technical support email from a junior IT admin: Facilitation Dear IT Admin: I am working at a branch office and have been tasked with changing out the DHCP scope to match the overall corporate IP address scheme. The main office assigned me an IP address range of through I changed the scope on Friday afternoon and came in on Monday morning to discover that only some of the workstations had picked up new leases from the new DHCP scope. Any ideas as to what may be happening, what I might check or adjust? Thank you, Junior Admin -- Respond in detail with clarifying questions, suggested approaches and/or possible solutions. Submission Requirements 1-2 pages, Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 12 pt. font ... View Full Document

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