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Client-Server Networking II Graded Assignments -6- 10/08/2011 Unit 3. Exercise 1. Company Merger Scenario Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes In this Exercise, you will determine the necessary information to design a solution in a merger scenario. Assignment Requirements Review the scenario below: As an IT Administrator, you have been tasked with designing the technical strategy for the merger of your company with another company. Develop a list of questions that you will need answered to effectively design a solution for allowing seamless sharing of information resources between the two companies. Your company has a single, Windows Server 2008 Functional-Level AD DS Forest. The new company has a directory service but that is all the information you have been given thus far. Respond in detail. Consider trust relationships, compatibility with other directory services (previous versions of Windows, other operating systems, for instance) in your response. Submission Requirements 1-2 pages, Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 12 pt. font ... View Full Document

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