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1. We believe that our constitution was divinely inspired and that protecting peoples basic rights was a necessity. Human liberty, freedom to worship, freedom of your inalienable rights and voting rights are just some of the objectives us as Americans believe are very important to running a successful country in where the people are safe and happy. They protect us from dictatorships and losing rights that any living human being is entitled to. The best was for these simple objective to be achieved is for every American resident to respect the laws of the land and each others rights. When a person puts another in danger, either it be physical or limiting their personal rights in anyway, achieving the simple objectives that God has blessed this country with the opportunity and situations to obtain is when it is next to impossible to succeed. 2.- 73 2005 we as American families are, in general poorer than in 47 73- As a market, we are poorer than in 47 -73 - In both charts, there are differences in each quintile, but the Top 5 is always the richest in both 47 73 and 73 2005. I think that today in 2011 we are even poorer, but I do see in the future that we as families and a market growing and our economy getting back on track. To get our economy stable again we need to continue to spend money wisely. This does not mean buying everything we see because we own a credit card. It just means that if everyone is spending money we will be able to pump the system with more money that actually exists instead of writing checks for invisible money that the government doesnt have until the print more, while causing the value of money to decrease even more. ... View Full Document

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