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2 Unit Assignment 2: TRACE Analysis Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes Use argument strategies, both traditional and consensual, to develop, communicate, and defend a position in a variety of communication formats. Differentiate and evaluate competing arguments. Assignment Requirements 1. Read the following in your textbook: a. What Role Should Technology Play in Education? on p. 522 b. The Rhetorical Situation on pp. 522-523 c. One of the essays in Section 3: Issues Concerning Education and School on pp. 523-540 2. After you have completed the reading, use the TRACE questions titled For You as the Reader on p. 452 in the textbook and perform a TRACE analysis on the essay you selected to read. Using your TRACE analysis as a basis, write a summary and response essay. Your essay should be a minimum of three paragraphs, and must the do following: a. Summarize the source essays rhetorical situation. b. Summarize the authors position, perspective, and evidence. c. Respond with your own position, perspective, and evidence. Submission Requirements Complete this assignment as a MS Word document using 12-pt. Times New Roman font. Be sure to include your identifying information such as name and course section on all submitted assignments. Your instructor will assess and grade this assignment using the following criteria: A: Completed all tasks with excellence, to or beyond specified requirements B: Completed all tasks to specified requirements; one or two small details may be missing, or there may be minor errors in spelling or grammar C: Completed most tasks to specified requirements D: Did not complete most tasks as specified F: Failed to turn in assignment ... View Full Document

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