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PRE OPERATING PERIOD Prior to the actual operation of the plant, it is part of the process to fulfil the necessary pre-operating requirements. Preparation is the vital key in the achievement of the success in a certain company. It includes careful planning from the very small detail up to the very important matter. Decision making skills are practice consistently to determine whether the alignment of the schedule of the activities is feasible. Since the pre operating period involves activities that demand number of months before the completion, it is necessary to maximize the available time. While the other department is venturing on that activity, the other departments are also doing their part for the achievement of common goal. Timetable is being created to determine which activity should be prioritized over another. This is done to avoid waste of time, money, and resources. Strict compliance in the time allotted for the accomplishment of certain activity must be strongly practiced. Any extension in the targeted date would mean generation of extra expenses. Therefore, as much as possible delayed works are being avoided. Gantt chart will help to carry out successfully the pre-operating activities. Here, the activity is being specified with its corresponding time of completion. This will tell whether the company is in the right track of accomplishing the target. ... View Full Document

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