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Power Control Circuit Using Two SCRs Maxino, Lorraine Mae M. Paraiso, Joannacel A. Moralda, Jobert Quilin, Lovielyn Operation of Power Control in SCR Potentiometer R controls the angle of conduction of the two SCRs. The greater the resistance of the pot, lesser will be the voltage across capacitors C 1 and C 2 and hence smaller will be the time duration of conduction of SCR 1 and SCR 2 during a cycle. During positive half cycle capacitor C 2 gets charged through diode D 1 , pot R, and diode D 4 . When the capacitor gets fully charged, (charge on the capacitor depending upon the value of R) it discharges through Zener diode Z. This gives a pulse to the primary and thereby secondary of the transformer T 2 . Thus SCR 2 , which is forward biased, is turned on and conducts through load R L . During negative half cycle similar action takes place due to charging of capacitor C... View Full Document

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